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About Tech Innovation Day

Tech Innovation Day is about stimulating innovation in general and innovation in Göteborg, Sweden, in particular. The concept is to arrange and hold one day of innovation seminars relating to technology developments.

The intention with this is to stimulate innovation within the technology arena, that in the long run can help create new small innovative companies to start their business in Göteborg.

The target is to create a returning event at least once a year that will attract innovate people interested in learning more, sharing more or telling the listeners a good story around innovation. We will try to attract the best and most known people to come to these events so that we create the highest possible value to our paying visitors.

Areas of interest for us will be within open innovation, innovation management and “lessons learned”, but in reality any story connecting to important knowledge that support and encourage innovation is worth telling at these events.

At the moment Tech Innovation Day is in its infancy stage. If you want to take part in building this initiative further, to something that matters, don’t hesitate to contact us via the contact form here on the site.

Gold Sponsors

CronLab Ltd

CronLab Ltd

CronLab is developing and marketing information security services via cloud delivery. They have an innovative solution for integrating web filtering into your products.
Katakumo AB

Katakumo AB

Katakumo AB develops and markets innovative services that improves your business work flow. They focus on delivering mobile business solutions.
CMW Management

CMW Management

CMW Management is a one man band taking on management assignments and love to arrange events that get people together in an active and open arena.

Media Partners

Business Region Göteborg

Business Region Göteborg

Business Region Göteborg works for all companies in the region by providing knowledge, contacts and cooperation spots.They are responsible for the development of the business climate development in Göteborg and represents 13 municipalities in the region.

Dataföreningen Västra Kretsen

Dataföreningen is an independent organisation for professionals within IT and IT related business areas. The purpose of the organisation is to work for development of its members contact networks, knowledge exchange and competence development.